New Report Hints DC Studios Is Still Interested In Making Wonder Woman 3

Patty Jenkins reportedly exited Wonder Woman 3 over script changes.

A New Report Hints DC Studios Is Still Interested In Making Wonder Woman 3
Image: Warner Bros.

The first Wonder Woman film was released in 2017. It premiered with positive reviews and outperformed box revenue projections, making it the gem in the crown of the DC Universe. The success of its sequel is harder to predict because of its global distribution. But Warner Bros. announced that Wonder Woman 3 was in the works soon after the first film’s debut hinted at it. Two years later, a change of management at DC Studios raised concerns about the studio’s future. Yesterday, rumours started t spread that Warner Bros. and DC had shelved Wonder Woman 3 because it did not conform to James Gunn and Peter Safran’s evolving vision for the future of the cinematic world.

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DC reportedly still wants to make Wonder Woman 3 

Now, according to a new report from Deadline, there is still interest in making another Wonder Woman film at DC. The allegation backs up recent reports that Patty Jenkins declined to rewrite her Wonder Woman 3 script to meet the new DC Universe vision. While the initial story stated that the film was no longer in the works, this update reveals that the studio is still interested in making Wonder Woman 3 and hopes Gal Gadot will agree to return even if Jenkins is not present.

If Gal Gadot does agree to return for Wonder Woman 3, the film series and Wonder Woman are in an ideal position for a soft reboot. Director Patty Jenkins did have plans for two additional Wonder Woman films as well as a potential spinoff. But one could argue that Wonder Woman 1984 served as a satisfying finale to Diana’s story. The first two films focused on the romance between Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor, which were historical dramas set in the DCU’s past. Diana hinted at accepting her role as a hero for humanity in Wonder Woman 1984’s cliffhanger.

What happens with Wonder Woman 3 is still very much up in the air. But reworking the film to keep Gal Gadot around in the DC Universe is preferable to scrapping her solo movie and maybe needing to replace the part. Gal Gadot has been open about her love for Wonder Woman over the past few years. She even teased upcoming projects the day before the Wonder Woman 3 rumour mill got going. So, it is obvious that she wants to continue playing Diana Prince. Now, with a new creative team, new setting, new love interest, and a new status quo for the DCU, that is possible.

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