DC Reveals The Final Variant Cover For ‘The Death of Superman’ 30th Anniversary Special

Doomsday will step aside to make way for Doombreaker.

Death of Superman 30th anniversary special#1
Image: DC

Many variant covers for The Death of Superman 30th Anniversary Special have been revealed, But the latest and final will take fans by surprise. The Death of Superman, one of the most significant crossover events in comic history, was released in 1992. The death of the Man of Steel has become one of the hero’s most defining moments and captured the attention of news outlets all over the world.

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And Doomsday rose to prominence as one of DC’s most dangerous threats due to his ability to end the hero’s life in a way that other villains have not. In recent comics, his son, Jon Kent, has taken up the mantle of Superman. The latest variant cover for the special may reveal that Doomsday has his own legacy.

The Death of Superman 30th Anniversary Special final variant cover revealed

The Death of Superman 30th Anniversary Special #1 will introduce Doombreaker, a brand-new character who will make his debut in the upcoming 80-page special. The Life of Superman was created by Dan Jurgens, Brett Breeding, Brad Anderson, and John Workman.

It will feature Doombreaker fighting Superman, and Jon Kent as the young hero learns about his father’s original death at the hands of Doomsday. The final variant cover, illustrated by Rafael Sarmento, gives fans their first look at the new larger-than-life villain. Check out the image below:

Superman's New Doomsday Upgrade, The DOOMBREAKER Revealed
Image: DC

Other variant covers depict iconic moments from the original crossover and Doomsday. This variant depicts Superman staring up at his newest foe while wearing his iconic cape. Doombreaker has a similar silhouette to Doomsday but with two more arms. While his upper fists have the same spikes as Doomsday, Doombreaker has a curved, larger spike on his lower arms that could be lethal.

The original villain was created by Krypton’s scientists. And he has returned several times to try to kill Superman – and other Kryptonians – over the years. With a similar and improved villain, it seems likely that Doombreaker will have a similar background. Fans will meet Superman’s newest and possibly deadliest enemy when Doombreaker debuts in The Death of Superman 30th Anniversary Special #1 on November 8.

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