How a Data Scientist Tweaked OKCupid And Became Top Match For 30,000 Women


Chris McKinlay hacked OkCupied dating siteShort Bytes: Here is a story of a data scientist who was able to separate the women on OKCupid into seven groups and hence, he was able to figure out the important questions for which women look out for honest answers. He gave all the answers honestly and he became a top match for 30,000 women on OKCupid.

OkCupid is known by many names like ‘The Google of online dating’, ‘The best free dating site’ and many more names.

OkCupid works very straightforward. This free dating site finds out two people’s compatibility by their answers on the specific questions. The more similarly they answer the questions, the higher the chances are that they will be a good match.

The data scientist Chris McKinlay as a grad student spent some of his free time on OKCupid. After having access to a supercomputer, he began to analyze OKCupid’s question data sets and the answers, he was able to find a solution set to the same.

He was able to separate the woman around him into seven groups. By segregating, he was able to figure out which group had the highest chance of compatibility with him and which questions were most important to the women from that group.

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This way, he was able to know the key questions. So he answered all those questions honestly and became the top match for 30,000 women and began receiving a huge increase in unsolicited messages. Finally, he found his true love on his 88th date.

Here is a video of Chris McKinlay explaining how he hacked OkCupied:

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