Dark Sky Weather App To Shut Shop By 2023

You can use it till 31 December 2022!

Here's How Many Downloads It Takes To Top The App Store
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The Dark Sky Weather app will bite the dust on 1 Jan 2023. Apple is issuing notifications to all users of the Dark Sky app for iOS. Apple acquired Dark Sky in 2020 and had originally planned to shut down the app, website, and API by the end of 2021. But that didn’t happen, and users could use the app without any difficulty.

Apple incorporated elements of Dark Sky into its default weather app for iPhones and other devices. It uses underlying tech to deliver more precise recommendations for daily weather reports.

Dark Sky won’t be available for iOS

Dark Sky was a popular app on the App Store. A lot of users are still praising its accuracy in predicting weather conditions. But when Apple noticed the potential in Dark Sky, it acquired the app in 2020. It was mainly because Apple has long been working on improving native apps on iOS and the weather app needed an overhaul. Since then, Apple’s weather app has incorporated a lot of useful elements and features from Dark Sky.

Even the notification in the current version of the Dark Sky app informs that it will shut down on 1 Jan 2023. It also informs that Dark Sky’s forecast technology is now enhanced and integrated into the updated Apple Weather app. Apple launched its WeatherKit API for developers, which they can use and integrate into their apps. Surprisingly, it is much cheaper than other available APIs, including Dark Sky’s API. It could be a maneuver to entice developers to migrate to WeatherKit API and bolster mass-scale adoption.

Dark Sky
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You also cannot download Dark Sky from the App Store. Apple has removed the app from the store, and only the users who have it installed can use it as long as the service remains active. Yesterday, Apple released more changes to the weather app in iOS 16. But some users hate the UI of the new weather app, which Apple should take notes about.

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