Dark Matter Complexity Revealed, Gets Even Darker


All sci-fi fans have heard and are fascinated by the term Dark matter. Others too have given a thought about it once in a while. Not only us but the discussion of Dark matter creates a never seen before curiosity amongst physicists and astronomers.

Dark matter occupies major part of our Universe and yet we have little knowledge when it comes to the subject. The main reason is that it neither reflects light nor it absorbs or emits any light radiations, thus is extremely elusive to us. Its existence is known only through its gravitational effects on the visible universe.

Through decades astronomers have been trying to solve the mystery of Dark matter to unveil the secrets of Universe. A team of astronomers have studied the behavior of Dark matter at NASA and ESA using Hubble Space  Telescope and NASA’s Chandra X- ray observatory. The results show that Dark matter repels its own kind more than previously thought, as it does with the visible matter.

It’s been quite tough to study on Dark matter, but the scientists have found a way. Watching how it behaves when it collides with other things. The galaxies consists of huge amount of Dark matter along with gas clouds and other visible particles. Watching the cluster of galaxies bump into each other and observing how the Dark matter reacts with all particles, gives the idea to the physicists about its composition and existence.

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“We know how gas and stars react to these cosmic crashes and where they emerge from the wreckage. Comparing how dark matter behaves can help us to narrow down what it actually is,” explains David Harvey of the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland, lead author of a new study.

Although in the age of so much technological advancement we still seem naive when we look up into the sky. Will the complex properties of Dark matter be any helpful in revealing the mysteries of Universe??

Source: ScienceDaily

Do you think the revelation of Dark Matter will throw any light on our knowledge of the universe?
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