‘Dahmer’ Becomes Netflix’s Biggest Premiere Since ‘Stranger Things Season 4’

Well, it's no surprise.

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After its premiere last week, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story has brought in a sizable audience. True crime lovers, Evan Peters fans, and people interested in the narrative of the famed serial killer went to Netflix to watch Ryan Murphy’s latest limited series.

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Dahmer, like House of the Dragon on HBO and Rings of Power on Amazon Prime, appears to be one of Netflix’s top autumn shows. This is because it has the most viewers for a show since Season 4 of Stranger Things premiered.

The Netflix limited series, on the other hand, distinguishes itself from previous initiatives. It follows Dahmer’s victims and their families, aiming to humanize them rather than romanticize the villain. Still, Peters’ portrayal of Dahmer and Monster’s graphic dramatizations of his killings are the most intriguing aspects of the show for true crime viewers.

Dahmer becomes Netflix’s biggest premiere since Stranger Things season 4

Audiences flocked to the miniseries during the last week, propelling Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story to become Netflix‘s most popular launch since Stranger Things season 4 in May. According to Deadline, 196.2 million people watched the drama, making it the seventh most-watched series debut since Netflix revamped its viewership data in June.

Only Squid Game, All of Us Are Dead, Stranger Things season 4, and Bridgerton season 2 attracted more viewers within that time period. Well, This is not surprising. Fans have had strong reactions to the show on social media.

From crushing on Peters to angrily posting about why people should not romanticize the show. Twitter erupted when Peters was cast in the role, indicating that interest in this limited series about Dahmer had been building for quite some time.

Another reason people may be watching Dahmer is because of its cast. Along with Peters, the show also stars Richard Jenkins, Molly Ringwald, and Niecy Nash. This project must have been difficult for the actors to complete.

Peters reinforced this notion, stating that preparing for the role was exceedingly challenging. Clearly, their efforts have paid off. The show has received a wide range of reactions from fans and critics, both positive and negative, and has attracted a significant audience.

It’s obvious that this show has had an effect on those who have watched it. Just in case you want to know more, stream Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix.

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