D-Wave’s Quantum Computer Demonstrates “Programmable Quantum Simulation”

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Image: D-Wave (For Depiction)

Despite being a prominent force in the field of quantum computing, the abilities of D-Wave Systems Inc. have always been questioned; on multiple occasions, experts have debated the how “quantum” their quantum computers actually are.

In an encouraging development, the D-Wave scientists have published a peer-reviewed paper named “Phase transitions in a programmable quantum spin glass simulator.” The paper tells that D-Wave has been able to use their 2000Q machine to simulate a large quantum mechanical system.

To put things in perspective, let me tell you that D-Wave’s computers don’t act like a pure breed of quantum computers. Instead, they make use of “quantum mechanical effects” for performing calculations. The newer development lets them carry forward the same work and predict phase transitions within a particular quantum mechanical system.

As per the paper, the researchers used a 2048-qubit D-Wave computer and predicted the behavior of a cube of particles in a magnetic field. “The results demonstrate that the embedded 3-dimensional system, whose connectivity is vastly different from that of the physical layout of qubits within the QPU, behaves as expected,” as per the researchers.

D-Wave also hopes that these results will validate annealing quantum computing, which is the basis of D-Wave’s quantum technology. Further, they hope to use a large-scale quantum computer for making breakthroughs in advanced branches of science and technology.

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