Crypto Backdoor Isn’t The Only Way To Hack Into Your iPhone


iphone-6Short Bytes: Crypto backdoor entry isn’t the only way for the cops to access your data. You think your iPhone is the most secure device and you are safe from security breaches? 

Most people think that government has pacts with the tech service industry in order to get its hands on their data. But it is not so. Recently we saw Microsoft fighting with the government to protect your data.

The latest decision of the White House to dismiss the request of the intelligence officials to push tech companies to create a backdoor access to the encrypted data gives a glimmer of hope to the citizens. After all the crazy surveillance laws and confirmation of echelon– NSA’s secret spying program, this comes as a relief to the public as accessing their private data would not be that easy. Well, that’s the general opinion.

Encryption has not been the best of the techniques to serve as a bastion against the law enforcement. In fact, cops easily bypass the encryption wall set up by the tech companies as a line of defence against the infringement.

Chris Soghoian is a principal technologist for the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) and he asserts that the standards of encryption that the users are provided is equivalent to protection from a thief stealing our laptop, but is no match to a dedicated cop who will ultimately get access to your data by any means, with or without a writ.

iPhone or other user-oriented computers that boast of their security measures are also vulnerable to exploits. Even when FBI claims Apple to be the hardest nut to crack in the tech and security business, there are other ways to get entry into an iPhone apart from the crypto backdoor system, according to Nick Weaver, a security researcher at Berkeley’s International Computer Science Institute.

Unprotected iCloud

Apple proudly introduced default disk encryption for all its iPhones last year. But where does your data go? It is saved into your iCloud backup and there is now law to stop the cops to screen through all the information from the iCloud. All they need is to summon Apple and hell loses over your privacy.

So, to avoid that you must disable the automatic upload option in your iPhone.

Touch ID Fingerprint

The revolutionary security tactic as claimed by Apple could actually favour cops against you. They don’t need to ask for your passwords or be deceived by wrong pattern designs. A thumb impression won’t be difficult for the officials to get from you.

iPhone Backup on Laptop

Many people have unencrypted phone backups on their laptops and cracking through one is not a big deal for the security experts. Also, the ‘pairing key’ that confirms an iPhone of the trusted PC, could be accessed and then used in any computer to retrieve your data.

Siri Just Won’t Stop Talking

Even if your iPhone is locked, there are chances that Siri will answer the questions if the feature is not disabled from the lock screen. Siri would even blurt out your recent call records and contacts.

Breaking and Entering

Well, a few weeks back we saw a bounty of $1 million for a zero-day exploit on Apple iOS 9. And, a method has already been devised to break in into any iPhone through its Airdrop BlueTooth connection. Although, the patch has been distributed for the flaw, but as we have always maintained- nothing is unhackable! S0 better raise your guards.

So, we see the high-level crypto backdoor technique isn’t the only weapon in the law enforcement arsenal. You can avoid these simple vulnerabilities by turning off the defaults in your iPhones and take extra care for your privacy.

Via: Wired

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