From Potatoes To Grapes, Here’s How Machines Harvest Various Crops

Machines have made harvesting convenient.

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Agriculture holds immense importance for the food industry. It’s the source of pretty much everything we consume on a daily basis today. With technological progress, farming and other agricultural practices are consistently becoming convenient. Manual labor is quickly getting outdated as more and more machines take its place.

When it comes to the process of reaping the produce, aka harvesting, there are specially designed machines suitable for each kind of crop. These harvesting machines do this work efficiently as they take comparatively less time and effectively as they collect the produce in bulk.

Ranging from cotton to radish, these special farming equipment work masterfully on different types of crops. Here’s a video showing how these vehicles fulfill their purpose.

Harvesting machines that toil on various crop fields

1. Lavender

An aromatic plant having medicinal properties, Lavender is an evergreen shrub popularly used in the medical and perfume industry. Harvesters built for collecting lavender work on multiple rows of the plant at once. They sweep through the lavender crops while cutting the desired plant carefully and collecting the same.

2. Grapes

Grapes are one of the most desirable fruits out there. Besides food, these things are used for making wine as well. Interestingly, the round, sweet pulp ball needs great care during harvesting lest they get squashed and become worthless. A grape harvester goes through the field, simultaneously subjecting the grape crops to intense shaking. This leads to the grapes falling on the ground from where they are collected later.

3. Radish

A crop that is an important ingredient in salads and healthy diets, Radish’s popularity is on the rise right now. The crop is harvested using a machine that pulls out radish plants from under the surface one by one. Next, the radish makes its way to a conveyor belt where its extra shoots are cut off.

4. Cotton

Cotton is an essential item for the textile industry. This fiber grows around cotton plant seeds and is harvested using cotton picker machines. There are two kinds of pickers, namely, stripper pickers and spindle pickers. As the stripper pickers extract more than just cotton lint from the plant, there’s a need for filtering out cotton later. On the other hand, spindle pickers mostly retain lint only. Both harvesters operate on multiple rows of cotton plants at once.

5. Potatoes

The potato is a low-maintenance underground root vegetable that can grow in different types of soil. Harvesting machines pluck out potatoes from inside the soil and move them to the side. These starchy foods are then put through a sieve to separate them from any soil that may be stuck.

Thanks to technological advances in agriculture, the human effort has been minimized while maximizing the amount of produce. While you are here, make sure to check out how tech is influencing wood-cutting.

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