Itty Bitty: This New Web Tool Lets You Create Your Own Microsite In Seconds


Ex-Google designer and present vice president of design at Dropbox Nicholas Jitkoff has created a new web tool using which you can create your own microsites which are “contained entirely within their own link.”

The tool named as Itty Bitty creates a compressed link of HTML and other data which can be shared with others. When the URL is opened, the data is loaded on the receiver’s side. The most amazing thing about the microsites created from Itty Bitty is that the site is not hosted on any server making it entirely private.

You can compose directly on the website with the basic HTML features, add emojis, ASCII codes and for advanced HTML editing, codepen URL could also be added in the editor.

The byte limit for the editor depends on the location on which you’re sharing the URL. For example, Twitter and Slack support 4,000 bytes whereas Chrome for Macbook can have up to 10,000 bytes.

Visit Itty Bitty, create your own microsite and share it with your friends.

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Anmol Sachdeva

Anmol Sachdeva

Anmol is a tech journalist who handles reportage of cybersecurity and Apple and OnePlus devices at Fossbytes. He's an ambivert who is striving hard to appease existential crisis by eating, writing, and scrolling through memes.
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