Create TOR’s Hidden .Onion URL Of Any Site With Free EOTK Tool


Short Bytes: Want to create Tor’s hidden .onion URL of a website? A free tool named Enterprise Onion Toolkit (EOTK) can help you out with this process by creating a man-in-the-middle proxy between the website and users. It should be noted that his tool only adds a .onion URL for anonymous users; it doesn’t hide your server behind the Tor network.

In the recent times, many websites are opting for a hidden .Onion URL for letting their users access their service anonymously via the dark web. You might’ve already used the Facebook’s own hidden service. Did you ever think, “How can I add Tor’s hidden .onion URL to my site?”

To solve this problem, a security researcher, earlier this year, created a toolkit that can help the website owners add a .onion URL for their websites.

EOTK’s (Enterprise Onion Toolkit) GitHub page calls itself a tool for “prototyping, and deploying at scale, HTTP and HTTPS onion sites to provide an official presence for popular websites.”

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This tool works by creating MITM (man-in-the-middle) proxy between the website and users.

Please note that EOTK isn’t a way to hide our server behind the Tor network, it’s just a method to create .onion link for the users who want to visit the website anonymously.

So, what’s the presumed case of EOTK? It’s primarily for an already-public website that wishes to create a corresponding .onion address.

At the moment, EOTK supports Debian, Ubuntu, Mac, and Raspbian. It works with Tor and Nginx servers.

You can visit the GitHub page for EOTK to know how to proceed and add a .onion URL to your website domain.

Did you find this tool to create .onion URL of a site interesting? Don’t forget to share your views.

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