This Creepy Video Link Can Crash ANY iPhone In Seconds

Image: EverythingApplePro

Short Bytes: A corrupt MP4 video can slow down and freeze your iPhone. The video – can be sent as a link in a message – affects iOS running devices starting from the latest iPhone with iOS 10 down to iOS 5 and possibly lower versions.

Last week, we told you about bypassing any iPhone’s lock screen using Siri and access photos stored on it. That was strange and required physical access to the device.

A new vulnerability has been brought to light by EverythingApplePro – who also told about the lock screen bug. An MP4 video link available on Apps4iPhone can cause an iPhone – after being sent as a message – to slow down and eventually freeze in a matter of a few seconds after the video is played.

It has been assumed that the video is corrupt and causes a memory leak on the iPhone ultimately utilizing all the CPU resources and freezing the device. The iPhone can be brought back to normal by rebooting it using Volume down+Power button on iPhone 7 and Power+Home button on older iPhones.

The bug goes down to iOS 5 starting from iOS 10 on the latest iPhone 7. The device can be an iPhone, iPod, and possibly iPad because all of these run the iOS operating system.

Here is the link to the MP4 video:

Be careful while accessing it (if you’re so desperate) because the consequences of it are still unknown. Apple might fix the bug in the coming update.

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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