Man Who Claims To Be Bitcoin Inventor Is Suing Those Who Don’t Agree

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A year ago, during Deconomy 2018, a man who refers to himself as the inventor of bitcoin — Craig Wright — was openly accused of fraud and now that very comment led Wright to sue the person who accused him, and many more.

It is suggested that Wright was questioned during the conference by Vitalik Buterin, the creator of another virtual currency called Ether. The questioning and blaming created a heated moment at the conference, which went up on YouTube and even made way for a number of tweets ridiculing Wright.

Here is the video that was posted by one of the people in the audience for your reference:

Following the event drama, Buterin was sent a legal notice by Wright, dated April 12 in the UK for defamation. Additionally, he sued Peter McCormack, a podcaster, and has fined him with around $129,000, and even Roger Ver, who is an early investor in bitcoin.

Wright had been under the limelight for three years when he claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious guy who created bitcoin.

Furthermore, these are not the only court cases Wright has been busy with, he is also involved in a case where he is accused of cheating his now-dead partner Dave Kleiman.

If Craig Wright is the real inventor of bitcoin, he is also the owner of around $9 billion in cryptocurrencies.

Even though John McAfee claims to know the real inventor, it is still a mystery as to who exactly is the brain behind bitcoin.

We will keep you posted when we get an idea. Until then, keep visiting for more such news.

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