Planning Your First CPU Overclocking? Here’s What You Need (77% Off)


The Central Processing Unit (CPU) acts as the brain of a computer. It does all the math that’s required to run the operating system and apps on your machine.

A standard indicator for a CPU or processor’s speed is clock rate, i.e., the frequency (measured in Hz) at which it generates pulses to synchronize its operations. For reference, if there are two CPUs based on the same technology, the one with a higher clock speed is considered faster.

Different CPUs available in the market have different clock speeds that are predefined by the device manufacturers. But what if someone wants to churn out even more clock frequency?

That’s where the overclocking technique comes into play and forces the CPU to work at clock speeds higher than the designed capacity.

Now, if you have plans, overclocking your CPU is as interesting as it sounds. But there are a lot of things you need to know before doing anything like this. Otherwise, you might end up frying your computer if anything goes wrong.

So, here we have got for you an easy to learn CPU Overclocking course for $10 (77% off) that will teach you the different do’s and don’ts that you need to consider while overclocking your machine.

For instance, you should know whether your setup has the right cooling components installed to kick out all the heat generated during the overclocking process. You should know what software is required and what to check before starting the CPU overclocking process.

The CPU overclocking course offers 12 lectures and over 0.5 hours of content that comes with lifetime access. It means if you forget any of the concepts, you go back and watch it again.

Right now, the CPU overclocking course is available at an all-time low offer of $10 (Price: $45) and comes with a certificate of completion as well. So, overall, it’s a great bargain if you want to get into the world of overclocking.

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