A Coronavirus Patient Cured By Indian Doctors With HIV, Swine Flu Drugs

Coronovirus patient cured with HIV, swine flu drugs

The world is suffering due to the Coronavirus outbreak and it is spreading on a large scale. As per the latest stats, over 125,000 people have been affected by Covid-19. Doctors all over the world are working to find an appropriate cure for the pandemic. As reported by Times of India, doctors at Sawai Man Singh Hospital (SMS), Rajasthan have successfully treated a Coronavirus patient of Italian origin with the help of a combination of HIV, Swine Flu and Malaria drugs.

The patient has now tested negative for Coronavirus. She came to India with her husband and visited most of the tourist destinations in Rajasthan. The patient’s husband was the first person to get diagnosed with Covid-19. He was tested positive by the National Institute of Virology (NIV), Pune on March 3, 2020. On the very next day, she was also tested positive for Coronavirus.

Doctors from SMS first treated the patient with two drugs majorly used in HIV treatments. Rohit Kumar Singh, the additional chief secretary said that they gave her a combination of Lopinavir 200mg/Ritovanir 50mg two times a day. These drugs are used in the treatment of HIV patients.

Apart from that, doctors also gave her Oseltamivir, used in treating patients with Swine flu and Chloroquine which is used for treating Malaria.

Dr. Sudhir Bhandari from SMS said that they treated her by following the standard protocol and now she has tested negative for Coronavirus. He concluded his statement by saying that it is a great achievement for the doctors at Sawai Man Singh Hospital.

The patient’s husband is still under treatment in the hospital as doctors have said he will take time in recovering as he already has a lung disease. However, the condition of the 69-year-old male patient is also referred to as stable by the doctors of SMS.

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