Coral One Ultra: The Innovative Robot Vacuum For Your Home


We’ve all heard that robots are out to steal our jobs. But we often forget about our jobs we don’t want to do. The Coral One Ultra takes the whole robot vacuum further and provides even more utility in the same package. We never cover cleaning products, but when the chores start doing themselves, a la Harry Potter, who can argue?

I remember the first time I heard of Roombas and thinking, “what a luxury I’ll never be able to afford.” Last year my wife and I purchased a cheaper model (it’s really not important which one) and we’ve loved it. It’s not the best by any means, but it helps us keep up with our cat that lives to shed. After a while of relying on the robot vacuum, I started looking at the handheld spot-cleaning vacuums because it was just too much effort to drag out the old one for the odd dry-spill or mess that wasn’t on floor level.

Vacuums are a marvel unto themselves. But when you throw in unsupervised automation, they’re amazing. Coral is bringing more to the table with their Coral One Ultra crowd-funding campaign.

coral one ultra top

The stand-out feature of their new product, which is toted as a first-ever, is the fact that the vacuum component is removable to be used as a portable spot-cleaner. That’s a feature I can appreciate given that I bought a standalone product for the same function after I purchased my robot vacuum.

In addition to the typical and extended functionality that the Coral One Ultra provides are many functions through the smartphone app. You can set various schedules, not just a single schedule. You can view per device history in terms of hours, cycles, and average hours per cycle over the previous thirty day period. You can even rename your devices for convenience and collect even greater insight into how the product is working for you.

coral one ultra sidebrush

The Coral One Ultra really seems like a solid product for anyone looking to break into the robot vacuum market, especially when equipped with these new features at a competitive price. So check out their crowdfunding campaign for yourself if you’re in the market for some chore automation.

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