Controversial Dragonfly Project Officially Ended By Google

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When Google stopped working on its Dragonfly project (well, that’s what it said), it was never completely believed. Now, the search giant has put all the speculation to rest by officially confirming that it is no longer working on the project.

As announced by Google Vice President of Public Policy Karan Bhatia before the Senate Judiciary, we now know that the censored search engine meant for China is shut down and the company doesn’t wish to work on the project.

For those who don’t know, Google claimed to have stopped working on the Chinese search engine project last year due to the company’s employees being against the project. Additionally, political pressure was another reason for putting a stop to the Dragonfly project.

Back in March, Google was accused of continuing with the project as a couple of Google employees found out that work on the project is ongoing. Despite these accusations, Google constantly denied working on Dragonfly.

Google’s Dragonfly project would have led to the search giant’s re-entry in China (which is something the search giant wants) as it is currently banned in the country.

To recall, when Google was banned in China, it initially didn’t agree to go for a censored search engine. However, due to the fear of losing out on one of the biggest markets, it changed its stance and tried to make a comeback with Google. 

Nonetheless, there could be other ways of doing so. However, Google hasn’t talked about any other plans, similar to the Dragonfly project.

We will let you know if something surfaces. So, keep on reading Fossbytes for more information.

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