YouTube’s New Feature Lets You Comment On TV App From Your Phone

Now you can interact with YouTube content via phone while watching videos on TV!

YouTube's New Feature Lets You Comment On TV App From Your iPhone/iPad
Image: YouTube

YouTube made some much-needed changes to its TV app that will make content consumption easier. The uber-popular video streaming platform announced new features for the YouTube TV app. These include an easy way to use YouTube on the phone and TV simultaneously without facing any difficulty in navigation.

Accessing YouTube on a TV isn’t like the web or mobile experience. There’s a lot less room to interact with elements. Typing something in the search or comments box is another major problem. TV remotes aren’t capable of supplementing a great typing experience and the on-screen typing is horribly slow.

YouTube TV app: New Features

YouTube realized that there were major hurdles in the YouTube app experience on TV. As per a recent blog post, many users simultaneously used YouTube on their TV and mobile phones. It was primarily because of the lack of options in the TV app.

Users preferred the phone app to interact with the videos which included subscribing, liking, commenting, and many other actions. Now, YouTube has made modifications to its TV app that will make interacting with the content much easier.

The users will get an option to connect to the TV app and phone app. They just have to confirm the prompt on their mobile app. After that, they can freely engage with options without ruining their viewing experience on the big screen.

YouTube TV
Image: YouTube

With this new feature, you can leave comments on the video, queue up the next up, etc. You can Like and Subscribe to channels. In a nutshell, all the things that are difficult to do with the remote, are now possible due to the update.

More Details

The new method of connecting the TV app and the phone doesn’t rely on any protocols. There is no need to be on the same Wi-Fi network or use the screencast. Instead, it uses only the user’s YouTube account as means to connect two devices.

Thus, it reduces the complexity for users who had to earlier deal with a lot of steps to connect phone and TV apps. The new feature will arrive on the YouTube app in the coming weeks. There isn’t a fixed date for that but keep updating your apps to get this feature at the earliest.

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