Congrats Hacking Team: After Governments, Now Terrorists Have Your Tools



This Sunday, in a massive data breach at the Hacking Team, about 400GB of internal documents, spyware source codes, and tools were exposed. Now the internet enemy Hacking Team is complaining that its tools to inject malware in PCs are now with terrorist and extortionists.

The Italian security firm has issued a statement on its website citing that this leak has created some very dangerous situation and criminal minds can use its hacking software to deploy attacks. The leaked code which exploits vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash and Windows, has already fallen in the hands of criminals. It’s Hacking Team that is to be blamed as they left such malicious code some place unsecure for someone to steal.

The good news is that Adobe has patched one such bug in its plugin for Flash and the engineers at Microsoft are working to fix the kernel driver vulnerability.

Hacking Team has accepted the fact that it sells spyware to governments and its agencies in the statement. It says now the software which was sold exclusively to governments and its agencies, has been compromised and criminals can use it. They are currently assessing the situation to see if the danger could be mitigated.

Hacking Team says: “We believe this is an extremely dangerous situation” –  (preach the guardians of peace, we’re listening).

Hacking Team was attacked this Sunday by some unknown hackers who extracted all contents and posted it online along with a long list of organizations and governments that used its spyware. Apart from Saudi Arabia, Russia, Sudan and more, the US government was also a beneficiary.

Hacking Team said that all of its customers have stopped using the tools. But, it still remains to be seen how they are going to address the issue of software codes posted on GitHub, various websites and BitTorrent network.

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