Let’s Compare: Mac App Store Vs Microsoft App Store After Windows 11

M1 Macs vs Android-app running Windows!

Microsoft Store vs Mac App Store
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft just released its shiny new Windows 11 and with it, a brand new Microsoft Store. One of the features to look forward to is the native support for Android apps on Windows.

You can think of it as Microsoft’s attempt to catch up with M1 Macs that can natively run iOS apps. That said, is the Windows 11 Microsoft Store better than the Mac App Store? There’s no better way than drawing a direct comparison.

Comparing Microsoft Apps To Mac App Store

Parameter Microsoft Store Mac App Store
Number of Apps Over 4 million apps after considering Android apps 1.8 million apps considering iOS compatibility
Cross-platform compatibility Most Windows apps are available for Android and iOS Has compatible as well as Apple-ecosystem exclusive apps
Security All apps certified by Microsoft All apps are sandboxed and vetted by Apple
Privacy Tells various app permissions Shows permissions and shows what data an app collects, how it is processed, and whether it is linked to you
Optimization Android apps are optimized for Windows Optimized apps for macOS. Some apps are still making the switch to M1 silicon
Flexibility Microsoft will charge no commission from developers bringing their own commerce engine to Windows apps. Apple charges a 30% commission on App Store purchases. Apple app charges a $99 developer fee whether the app is free or paid.

Android apps shown running in the presentation were in vertical orientation. So we can’t say if they’re completely optimized. However, the Store will feature a section labeled ‘Android Apps on your PC.’

As you can see in the above table, both stores are almost neck-to-neck as of now. Microsoft Store leaves the Mac App Store eating dust with the sheer number of apps.

Cross-platform compatibility seems to a draw here, since all major apps are available across platforms. In terms of security too, the Microsoft Store vs Mac App Store debate ends in a tie. Both stores vet their apps for malware and bugs in general.

However, Microsoft hasn’t announced any major privacy updates for the Microsoft Store with Windows 11. So for now, the Mac App Store is clearly superior.

Lastly, Windows 11 and Microsoft Store shine in terms of developer-friendliness and affordability. Microsoft won’t charge any commissions from developers bringing their own commerce engines to Windows 11.

The announcement almost came as a dig on Apple, which is under question about its stringent App Store policies.

Everything considered, we can say that the Microsoft Store and Mac App Stores cater to a different subset of people. If you want more options, Windows is the way, but if you want integration into an ecosystem, the Apple side of things would suit you better.

Manik Berry

Manik Berry

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