This Company Is Offering $130,000 To Put Your Face On A Robot

Humanoid face company

If you have a ‘kind and friendly’ face, you’ve got a shot at winning £100,000 or approximately $130,000, provided you are ready to share your face with a robot.

Geomiq, a British engineering company, is inviting applications from the public for the face of their upcoming state of the art humanoid robot. The selected person’s face will be used as the literal face of thousands of versions of humanoids released worldwide.

The selected candidate will be offered the money to license the rights to his/her face. The humanoid will serve the purpose of a ‘virtual friend’ for elderly people. Production of the humanoid will commence from next year onwards.

Geomiq will develop the humanoid for an unnamed privately-funded robotics company. It has got investments from independent VCs and a Shanghai-based top fund. Geomiq says that it can’t provide many details at the moment owing to a non-disclosure agreement signed with the robotics company. However, once a candidate is selected, he will be provided the complete details of the project.

In the blog post, Geomiq hasn’t shared any rules regarding the gender or age of the candidates who can participate. If you are interested in becoming the literal face of thousands of humanoids, you need to submit your photo to [email protected].

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