Comma AI Declares War On Patent Troll For Self Driving Feature Patent

George Hotz is angry!

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Image: COmma AI

Comma AI is one of the few companies building tech for autonomous driving. This inexpensive dev kit will enable you to use your car in self-drive mode. Much like what brands like Tesla and others offer, Comma AI uses AI to enable the self-driving feature in cars.

Comma AI has been battling a patent troll for quite some time, and founder George Hotz is furious about it. The patent troll claims Comma AI used his ideas and implemented them in their products. George Hotz went on a full-fledged rant in the blog, which is completely understandable when someone tries to mooch off profits from a product developed by you.

What did Comma AI founder George Hotz say?

George began by calling out the troll in question – Axel Nix. He shared that Nix had been working with Harman as ASDS before departing from the company. After that, he founded Sucxess LLC, which does nothing except support him in trolling and challenging patents. The company has never built anything and just exists on paper and is used by Alex Nix in his full-time patent trolling endeavors.

George pointed out that it isn’t Alex’s first rodeo. He has filed lawsuits against Voyage, AutoX,, Dataspeed, SF Motors, and WeRide Corp. All those companies have agreed to settlements and fueled Alex’s hunger for patent lawsuits and then extracting money by instilling fear.

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Alex never lets the lawsuit make it to court. He starts by threatening a lawsuit and coerces the companies to pay a settlement and never see him again. He thinks of the same thing with Comma Al, but George Hotz isn’t planning to bow down to his demands. He says that the patent in question is 15-year-old on some auto emergency call system if a car crashes. It has nothing to do with Comma AI tech whatsoever.

Comma Al’s founder is determined to take the matter to court and won’t pay a single penny. He said he would gladly spend a million dollars before giving Alex $10,000. George also asked other companies facing patent trolling to come up and join hands to teach this troll a lesson.

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