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Google wants to make collaboration on G Suite documents easier for users who do have a Google account. A new feature, currently running in beta, will enable the functionality that will allow G Suit users to invite people without a Google account for collaborating on a file by sending them a pin code.

By using the pin, invitees can view, edit and comment on Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. G Suite admins and owners can revoke the permissions and track the changes made in the documents.

The feature has been listed on the Google’s Support page. According to it, admins can set permissions by department or domain. Moreover, options are also available for restricting sharing outside whitelisted domains and organization.

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Google also announced the feature in an official blog post on G Suite Updates Blog. The blog post read, “We are introducing a beta for an easy pincode identity verification process that will enable G Suite users to invite non-G Suite users to collaborate on files as visitors, using PINs (Personal Identification Numbers).”

If an organization wants to test the feature, it can sign up for the beta program by filling this form and choose a non-G Suite domain on which the organization wants to collaborate.

By pushing this feature, Google would be able to attract all those people who face challenges while working on G Suite documents because they do not have a Google account.

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