Coding Trends: The Top 21 Programming Languages of 2015


top-programming-languages-2015Short Bytes: RedMonk’s bi-annual programming language ranking is out and it shows that JavaSript continues to rule the web. Also, Apple’s Swift has made great progress in a short span of one year.

For a developer, it’s very important to recognise his/her needs and learn the right programming language. If a developer knows the latest trends and the rising languages, he/she knows the x-factor that can make all the difference. The result of RedMonk’s bi-annual programming language ranking is out and it shows all the trends you need to know.

The developer research company has been rating and ranking programming languages since 2010. It has once again confirmed the fact that JavaScript is the language of the web.  Java comes in the second place and closely rivals JavaSript for the number one place. The list shows the over the years, the scenario has changed just a little.

Another interesting observation is seen in the form of Apple’s Swift breaking into the top 20. It’s worth mentioning that it has enjoyed an exponential growth over the past one year.

“Swift’s explosive growth has been primarily fuelled by Apple’s decision to anoint it as the successor to Objective-C,” says Stephen O’Grady, a RedMonk analyst. “It’s grown faster than anything else we’ve seen while targeted primarily at iOS; if it becomes more versatile, it will be interesting to consider what kind of growth we could see,” he adds.

The list shows the Google’s Dart, an open source language as a replacement for JavaScript, has failed to make an impact.


Take a look at the complete Top 21 Programming Languages of 2015 list below:

1. JavaScript
2. Java
3. PHP
4. Python
5. C#
5. C++
5. Ruby
8. CSS
9. C
10. Objective-C
11. Perl
11. Shell
13. R
14. Scala
15. Go
15. Haskell
17. Matlab
18. Swift
19. Clojure
19. Groovy
19. Visual Basic

Read here the complete report of RedMonk on the top 21 programming languages of 2015.

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Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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