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Watch the lesson, absorb the info, pass the quiz, and your instructor removes one piece of clothing. How much clothing, you ask? Enough to motivate you. But let’s not get carried away here, we’re an education site –  CodeBabes was launched last year but it came across to me a week ago. Codebabes is a tutorial website different from any other out there. When I say different, I mean to say is that the girl teaching you will strip her clothes off as you progress. Wait there, read my complete article  then you will have enough time to learn code and watch stripped girls.


Now there are 6 different courses titled as:

  • Internet Virgin
  • SEO Virgin
  • HTML Virgin
  • CSS Virgin
  • Programming Virgin With Javascript
  • PHP Virgin

I know what are you thinking 6 different courses, that means six different hot girls. Yeah, that’s right – you can watch six different girls strip for you if and only if you can pass the test. This means that after each lesson you would be asked a quiz. Believe me, it is super easy.

If you have any knowledge about the above six topics, you could straight away answer questions and skip to the stripping part.

PS: Do the SEO Virgin course first, because that girl is hot. ;)

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Sagar Karira

Sagar Karira

Sagar is a linux enthusiast , amateur blogger , tech. and gadgets lover and a user of FOSS . He spents most of this time in front of the screen . But when he is not striking his keyboard hard, he can be seen having a cup of coffee at a local cafe.
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