‘Cobra Kai Season’ 5 Recap: Everything You Need To Remember

Cobra Kai Season 5
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The stakes for the world of karate couldn’t be higher with the premier of Cobra Kai season 5 just around the corner. Given that Miyagi-Do and Eagle-Fang must shut their doors, Daniel and Johnny face a serious obstacle because Terry Silvers will soon spread Cobra Kai’s brutal karate methods on a larger scale.

The lead-up to these occasions is a direct result of season 4, in which the shocking conclusion at the All-Valley tournament led to more problems for the couple and their students. Though the previous season ended with new alliances and some characters in flux, fans must also recall things from prior seasons as well as some tidbits from the Karate Kid films.

Cobra Kai Season 5: 8 Things to remember

8. Chozen Toguchi lands in the valley


The San Fernando Valley’s very soul is in danger, and Miyagi-Do has been closed down. Daniel requires all the assistance he can get. So he turns to Chozen Toguchi. Chozen was his opponent in The Karate Kid Part II, but his fight with Chozen helped Chozen change his life path.

Chozen has also been resourceful, as he was a previous Miyagi-Do student who helped Daniel enhance his karate technique in season 3. Season 4 ended with Chozen arriving in the valley to assist Daniel in stopping Cobra Kai.

Though it’s unclear how Chozen would assist in the fight against Cobra Kai, the season 5 teaser teased an extended alliance with Johnny to form the dynamic three. Chozen also knows a lot more about karate and mysticism, making him an important component in taking down Cobra Kai.

7. Anthony LaRusso’s bully

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If there’s one thing Daniel LaRusso dislikes, it’s bullies. So he was extremely upset when he found out his son was headed down the path to being one. Anthony and his friends had pushed a kid so hard that he joined Cobra Kai and became one of their strongest fighters as well as a bully in his own right.

Season 5’s trailer suggests that Anthony will be entirely immersed in Daniel’s environment in an effort to make up for his mistake. The kid has a long way to go. But perhaps he can reach out to the kid he mistreated and rescue him out of Cobra Kai’s clutches before it’s too late.

6. Mike Barnes’ return to beat Daniel 

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Terry Silver was not the only villain introduced in The Karate Kid III. Terry had recruited a student called Mike Barnes to defeat Daniel at the All-Valley competition. Barnes was one of the most proficient martial artists in the country, and Daniel struggled to beat him.

Mike Barnes is back in Cobra Kai season 5, as many people expected, given Silver’s appearance. His return is being kept under wraps, but it’s probable that Silver has hired him to help teach some new Cobra Kai students. As a result, Daniel may have to face Barnes this season before eventually facing Silver.

5. Tory won The All-Valley

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Tory is one of the most interesting characters in Cobra Kai, having joined Johnny’s dojo and stayed when Kreese took it over. She’s a merciless fighter, but she’s had to fight her entire life. Most characters misunderstand why she has such a massive chip on her shoulder, and she has a complicated family life that makes things much more difficult for her than for other kids.

Even with Johnny and Daniel’s help, Sam was unable to defeat Tory. Tory won the All-Valley tournament, but only after it was revealed that Terry had bought the referee and fixed the game. Tory will be a prominent character who may reconsider her position in the karate conflict after learning that her win was not legitimate and witnessing Terry Silver’s ruthlessness. He could end up being a hero in Cobra Kai if she decides to switch sides.

4. Terry Silver’s Betrayal

Kreese went in search of Terry Silver because he believed he could use Terry Silver’s assistance in training the next generation of Cobra Kai. Silver had transformed into an altogether different man. He was ashamed of his actions in the past and wanted to make amends.

But his devotion to Kreese won in the end, and he reverted to the evil man he was before. Kreese and Silver decided to celebrate after Cobra Kai defeated Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang at the All-Valley. Silver, however, had framed Kreese for the assault on Stingray, one of Cobra Kai’s students.

Silver took over Cobra Kai after Kreese was imprisoned. It remains to be seen whether John Kreese will seek atonement as a result of this. But there is no doubt that Silver is now the more dangerous threat.

3. Kim Da-Eun’s connection to Cobra Kai

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Kim Sun-Yung was mentioned in Karate Kid Part III as the sensei who coached Terry Silver and John Kreese. In essence, he is the founder of Cobra Kai karate. In Cobra Kai, flashbacks touch on his involvement in the lives of the two men.

According to the show, Kreese and Silver were instructed by their commanding officer in the military, who was trained by Kim Sun-Yung. Silver and Kreese resumed their training under Kim Sun-Yung after the officer died.

Kim Da-Eun, the granddaughter of Kim Sun-Yung, was one of the most shocking revelations in the Cobra Kai season 5 trailer. Silver needs assistance in developing Cobra Kai, so he resorted to his former sensei’s granddaughter for assistance.

The teaser already demonstrates that she is as brutal as the two guys and will undoubtedly prove to be a challenge as they propagate her grandfather’s karate style throughout the valley.

2. Miguel goes to Mexico

Cobra Kai Season 5: Miguel's Future Teased By Producers
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Throughout the course of Cobra Kai, Johnny developed an attachment for Miguel. Miguel was more than a student to Johnny. He was like a son to him. Miguel disappeared before competing in his division at the All-Valley tournament, and he traveled to Mexico to discover his actual father.

Johnny promised Miguel’s mother that he would find him, and Johnny and Robby traveled to Mexico together to find Miguel. Johnny has very little in his life without karate. Therefore finding Miguel would be a key priority for him.

However, the teaser suggests that this plotline in Mexico will be brief, as Miguel looks to be returning to the valley. The rivalry between Miguel and Robby, on the other hand, is a prominent focus in the season 5 trailer, which will highlight more of their bad blood. Perhaps this is the season where Robby and Miguel finally put aside their differences and work together.

1. Eagle Fang and Miyagi-Do are no more

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In Season 4, Johnny, Daniel, and Kreese agreed that whoever lost had to close their dojo and never teach again. It seemed like a decent deal because Daniel and Johnny were the best in the valley. Unfortunately, Cobra Kai won the event, and Daniel and Johnny were forced to retire their karate gi for good.

This enraged Daniel, and he didn’t appear to be taking his defeat lightly. It remains to be seen whether he will break his promise not to teach. But he is still motivated to bring down Cobra Kai, as he has already brought Chozen to assist him.

We hope this helped you brush your memories of the show. Stream Cobra Kai Season 5 on Netflix starting September 9, 2022.

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