Cloudflare Is Down: Are You Also Facing Cloudflare Outage?

The outage has hit some of the major services and publications.


On June 21, thousands of websites went down due to the widespread Cloudflare outage caused by some unknown internal issue.

Cloudflare’s outage has affected several popular services, including Discord and DoorDash, Crunchyroll, and Feedly., News Outlet Register, Groww, Buffer. Upstox, iSpirt, and Social Blade.

Cloudflare is an internet infrastructure company; It’s a popular service provider that offers CDN, DNS, DDoS protection, and security services.

The company stated in a tweet that it is investigating the issue. However, it’s not clear what regions are affected.

According to the company, users may experience errors or timeouts when accessing Cloudflare’s network and services. Last week, there was also an outage across some regions of the globe.

Cloudflare’s CTO John Graham-Cumming stated that the outage was not widespread but affected “a lot of areas.” It’s a problem with our backbone. We know exactly what to roll back.

According to DownDetector (a crowdsourced web monitoring tool that tracks outages), users have also indicated that Shopify, Coinbase, and League of Legends are experiencing issues. Last week too, a similar issue caused a massive outage across several popular apps and platforms.



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