Cloudfare ‘Warp’ Is A New Free VPN Service That Offers Fast Browsing


Cloudflare has been working for quite some time on its DNS resolver service called and a mobile app with the same name. Now, the company has announced a free VPN service in its latest update to the mobile app.

The encryption service works on a freemium model which will provide a faster internet experience. The company began the work on its VPN app in 2017 when it acquired Nuembo. At that time, Cloudfare’s CTO acknowledged the capability of Nuembo in developing mobile VPN.

Cloudflare announced its new free VPN update on 4/1. The company will launch two services in its latest update to make the mobile internet faster and safer. The first one called WARP is a free VPN which provides faster browsing without reducing your internet speed.

Free VPN Service Cloudfare Waitlist

The second one, known as WARP+ utilizes Argo Smart Routing to offer even better internet speed. Both of these services are VPNs but they do not change your digital location.

Cloudflare argues that it reduces your internet speed and slows your online experience. Instead, the VPN service encrypts everything running on your mobile including your apps.

For mobile users with slow internet, Cloudfare’s VPN service will work even better. The VPN compresses the data on the website to increase the browsing speed.

This VPN will also be useful for avid travelers, who like to venture deep into remote areas. It does not provide mobile signals on its own but helps your phone recover from ‘lost connection’ relatively quickly.

Cloudflare will offer WARP and WARP+ VPN services with their next update. The only way to update your mobile app is to register on the app and join a waitlist.

Recently, Opera also launched a free VPN service with their Android browser. This VPN service works like a conventional one in which websites aren’t allowed to obtain users true location. Opera has also claimed the VPN will neither register user logs nor extract any data history.

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