Google Cloud Speech API — You Can Power Any App With Google’s Speech Recognition Software


google-brain-machine-learningShort Bytes: Google has announced its Cloud Speech API, the Google’s new machine learning service bundled with big data, data analytics and many other exciting features. Moreover, some of these services have been open-sourced. To get started you can visit

Data and data analytics are becoming one of the most innovative and fertile areas of IT industry because they offer deep insight into the consumer behavioral changes and thus suggesting a way for the company to increase sales and productivity.

Although there are many big data and data analytics companies which claim to do your data management and business evaluation, but when Google — the tech giant known for its highly innovative technical products — steps into the market, you might want to rethink about the other services.

Well there are valid reasons for that:

  • No one knows about online behavior of a person better than Google or Facebook
  • Google knows how to handle data for years now
  • Google is renowned for its services

Google announced, “Cloud Machine Learning will take machine learning mainstream giving data scientists and developers a way to build a new class of intelligent applications. It provides access to the same technologies that power Google Now, Google Photos and voice recognition in Google Search as easy to use REST APIs.”

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Cloud Machine Learning makes it easier to build sophisticated, large-scale machine learning models in a short amount of time. On the other hand, pre-trained Machine Learning models like Google Translate API and Cloud Vision API will also join Google Cloud Speech API.

In terms of Big data and analytics, a lot of new features have been announced by the Google in BigQuery which continues to push the limits of what it means to be a fully managed Analytics Data Warehouse.

Read more about of Google Cloud on Google blog.

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