Cloud Backup vs Local Backup — Which Option Should I Choose To Protect My Data?


With the rise of online businesses, the companies are realizing the importance of using a backup solution that can make sure that you are worriless in situations like data loss. It doesn’t matter what’s the size of your company, every business needs a backup solution. This also applies to the individual computing usage as our computers have become our ultimate answer to our all digital needs.

All popular computer and smartphone operating systems come with different backup utilities to save your data. But, while creating a backup, we are often asked to consider different factors. One such factor to take care of is the primary backup type, i.e., local backup or cloud backup.

It goes without saying that the basic difference between cloud and local backup is the place your backup data is stored. While a cloud backup store the data by sending its copy to a cloud-based server, the local backup solutions could be a physical backup made to an internal/external storage disk or an organization’s own private cloud.

Why is Cloud Storage a better choice?

A big advantage of cloud backup is its accessibility. It allows you and your employees to access the backed up data from any place or device. With the cloud-powered solutions, one also gets the advantage of collaborative working technologies. Your data is also secure from on-site disasters.

But the most striking feature of a cloud backup is its scalability. Whenever you need to increase the storage space, simply ask your service provider to change your plans. Many providers bill as per the data used, and charge according to your monthly usage. There are tons of online options that could suit your needs.

In a recent study, cloud storage provider and expert Gradwell has shown how much space all your online documents will take up if they were to be stored physically.

For example, in IT sector, the laptops were found to be the most common device with an average size of 700KB for an Excel file. According to the study, the 1,500,000 Excel files stored on a 1T laptop will take the space equal to the physical size of a plane within only 3 days.

Coming back to Cloud vs Local debate, maintaining and creating a local storage system is expensive. You need to buy more hardware, ensure a constant monitoring, and spend time maintaining them. The local backup is only recommended when you’re struggling with an internet connection which isn’t fast enough or metered.

The local backup option also gets a thumbs up when you’re too paranoid about your data security. This might not make sense given the military grade encryption and protection mechanism employed by cloud providers. If one is able to create a centralized and hardened storage on its own by spending heavy bucks, local backup could be a viable option.

Which backup solution do you prefer? Don’t forget to share your views with us.

Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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