What Is Clip Studio Paint? The Photoshop Rival Pissing Off Its Users

Users are resorting to piracy!

Clip Studio Paint
Image: Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint users are in absolute dismay after the company announced a new subscription model for its upcoming version 2.0. As simple as it may sound, Clip Studio Paint might have the most confusing subscription plan in the history of paid apps.

The users of Clip Studio Paint didn’t keep their voices down against the ‘gregarious’ price rise and introduction of the subscription model. As you would expect from artists, Twitter is filled with creative posts describing the backstabbing act by the company.

What Is Clip Studio Paint?

Clip Studio Paint is a popular digital illustration and animation software that was extremely affordable until now. You could grab a licensed copy with a one-time price of $49.99 while the pro version of the app was priced at $219. It also had a monthly-subscription model with modest pricing of $0.99 and $2.49 a month for the pro model.

But the company made a huge announcement recently which angered many of its long-time subscribers and trial users. The upcoming version 2.0 of Clip Studio Paint will have an annual subscription plan to continue receiving updates. It means that the current users of version 1.0 of the software won’t receive any future updates unless they subscribe to the annual Update Pass.

Celsys, the company behind the software, hasn’t released the prices yet. It is good for them because whatever rates they were planning, would have to be restructured because their user base is very angry after the announcement. You would be angry too. If you bought an app and suddenly the developers announce that you would have to pay to access the updates in the future.

Clip Studio Paint
Image: Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint became popular because the app offered a workable set of features with modest one-time pricing. Many artists migrated from the Adobe suite because it introduced the monthly pricing model for the users. But Clip Studio Paint eventually succumbed to subscription plans and even is asking money for updates. While the company labels it as a strategic move to keep the development active and introduce more features, deep down we all know that this move will shoot up the revenue.

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