Classic Disney Songs Get R-rated Lyrics Update In A Hilarious New Parody Video

You'll never hear "You've Got a Friend in Me" the same again.

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Since legendary animator Walt Disney founded his company in 1923, the studio has produced family-friendly content that avoids grotesque violence and overt sexuality. Although it does not release R-rated content under the Disney brand, the company has acquired mature films and television projects through acquisitions and mergers, such as Disney’s purchase of 21st Century Fox.

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As streaming services grew in popularity as a way for audiences to consume visual media, Disney launched its own subscription-based service, Disney+. Initially, the application primarily focused on Disney’s family-oriented films and television shows, such as its library of animated musicals and Disney Channel series.

However, with the subscriber base of Disney+ stabilized by its Star Wars and Marvel superhero content, Disney added Marvel’s TV-MA-rated shows such as Daredevil and The Punisher, as well as Fox’s X-Men franchise to include the graphic Logan and Deadpool films.

Classic Disney songs get updated with all-new R-rated lyrics

In response to Disney+’s addition of R-rated content to its streaming service, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert edited classic Disney songs with foul-mouthed lyrics in a new video. The video, a parody of a music infomercial, uses clips from Frozen, Aladdin, and other Disney films, replacing their lyrics with drug references and sexual suggestions.

As it jumps from film to film in quick succession, the video frames the parody in the style of an infomercial. Its parody of Randy Newman’s “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from Toy Story is especially amusing, as the replacement singer accurately mimics Newman’s distinct voice. Although none of these changes to the films will actually take place, it is a humorous way to highlight Disney’s contentious policy change to its enormously popular streaming service.

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