Cisco Is Developing Its Own Networking Operating System Named “Lindt”


Short Bytes: Networking giant Cisco is reportedly making its own networking operating system named Lindt. This way, the company is looking to separate some of its important software for use in cheap switches. This might also allow the customers to use Cisco’s operating system on non-Cisco switches in the near future. However, at the moment, reports tell that Cisco isn’t looking to make its OS available on non-Cisco hardware.

To make itself less reliant on its hardware business, networking giant Cisco is making a big move. Before telling you more about the new move, let me tell you that Cisco’s switch business is its one of the biggest revenue streams. Last year, its switching segment attracted $14.7 billion revenue.

However, if you take a look at the past couple of years, Cisco’s presence in the networking hardware market has weakened. Wondering why? Probably because there are lots of new rivals who are offering competitive products at lower prices. To counter these challenges, the company is separating some of its software from the hardware business.

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Cisco is going to do this by developing and selling its own operating system. According to The Information, Cisco has built a new operating system, known as Lindt, that’ll allow the customers to run the sophisticated networking features on older and lower-end Cisco routers and switches.

At the moment, Cisco isn’t looking to make its operating system Lindt available on non-Cisco switches.

This upcoming change in Cisco’s business clearly indicates the growing dominance of software, not hardware. The company is also feeling pressure from cloud-based infrastructure that isn’t forcing consumers to buy costly hardware. As a result, Cisco is looking inspired to go ahead with a software-based approach and explore a new horizon.

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