Chup OTT Release Date: Will It Be Released On Netflix, Hotstar, Or Zee5?
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The National Cinema Day was supposed to be on September 16, 2022. But due to the immense success of Ranbir Kapoor’s Brahmastra, it was postponed to September 23, 2022. It happens to be today, and you can watch all your favorite movies in theaters at just INR 75. And what better movie to watch on it than Sunny Deol’s Chup.

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Yes, the iconic action hero is making a comeback to the big screen with his new project. After a bunch of your typical Bollywood movies, Chup offers a breath of fresh air to the audience. As a result, it has already gathered a rating of 8.8/10 on IMDb.

Speaking of the film’s plot, it will focus on a lonely film director who has fallen into a pit of darkness. He has now become a serial killer who hunts down film critics for fun. In order to stop him, a bold cop, Arvin Mathur, is hired. But will Mathur be able to stop the killing spree? You will have to watch the movie to find out.

Chup release date

Chup OTT Release Date: Will It Be Released On Netflix, Hotstar, Or Zee5?
Image credit: Pen Movies

The release date of the movie has been unveiled for quite some time now. If you aren’t aware of it then you have come to the right place. Sunny paaji’s new film is all set to take the theaters with storm on September 23, 2022. You can enjoy the film at your nearest theaters for just INR 75.

Chup OTT rights

The coronavirus pandemic had a huge impact on the streaming habits of the audience. Gone are the days when fans used to wait in long lines to get a few tickets. Nowadays, fans just wait for the movie to come to an OTT platform.

As for Chup, a report by “Binged” suggests that the OTT rights of the film have been roped in by Zee5. Over the past year or so, Zee5 has really strengthened its library and Deol’s new movie will only make it better.

Before moving forward, you can check our detailed article on Brahmastra‘s OTT release date right here.

When will Chup come to Zee5?

To be honest, it all depends on the success of the movie in theaters. If it’s a blockbuster, then you shouldn’t expect it to arrive on Zee5 soon. But a calculated guess for the film’s release would be sometime around November 2022.

However, as we mentioned earlier, there is no guarantee of the movie coming online before at least 30-45 days of theatrical run.

This is it from our end. What are your expectations from Sunny Deol’s new movie? Let us know your honest opinion in the comments section below.

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