ChromeLoader Browser Malware Targets Chrome Users Via Malicious ISO files

ChromeLoader Malware Spreading Via Pirated Games and ISO

ChromeLoader Browser
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Are you on the search for cracked games or software? If so, be careful as rogue ISO archive files are seeking opportunities to pollute your system with ChromeLoader.

Contrary to popular belief, this targets not only Windows users but other operating systems as well, and could even use mobiles as ‘attraction’ to draw in victims.

What makes ChromeLoader deadly?

For those who are unaware, an optimal disc image (ISO) is a disk image that contains everything written to an optical disc. If a person copies a CD-ROM or DVD, they may end up with an ISO.

Using suitable software, these files can be mounted and read as if the device was reading from a physical disc.

If someone claims to be offering pirated versions of software, it is highly possible that an ISO is what they are offering. We may see their promotions on social media, game crack portals, or torrents. Unfortunately, more than often, they are booby-trapped with malware.

On the other hand, PowerShell is a way to automate tasks and comes with a command-line interface. Infection files could use to execute commands and contaminate a system.

This is exactly what makes ChromeLoader more deadly than other software of similar nature; it combines both Powershell and ISOs to attack systems.

How does ChromeLoader infect systems?

ChromeLoader has a very precise flow. Corrupt files are promoted on social media services. Some victims could get it from torrents or other rogue sites. We might also encounter social media posts promoting cracked Android games.

When a user double-clicks on the ISO file, it is mounted as a virtual CD-ROM. The site claims that the executable in the ISO claims to be the content the user is looking for.

After that, ChromeLoader then uses the PowerShell command to load in a Chrome extension. PowerShell removes the scheduled task, and at this point, your browser is compromised.

After this, search engines cannot be trusted and might show bogus entries to users. Users of macOS are also vulnerable to the attack.

How can we avoid ChromeLoader?

All hope is not lost; there are ways in which you can avoid ChromeLoader. The beginning step should be to avoid cracked software and wait for product-centric sales.

By opening Chrome Extensions, you can also see what you have installed, and if there is any unfamiliar software, go for clean-up methods. You should also be cautious before installing a new extension on your browser. We suggest that users keep their security updated to ensure maximum protection.



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