PSA: Chrome Users Should Immediately Update Google Chrome

Another zero-day vulnerability patched.

Chrome Users Should Immediately Update Google Chrome
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Google has patched a high-risk vulnerability for its desktop version of the browser. According to reports, a flaw tracked as CVE- 2022-2856 is being actively exploited. Although Google hasn’t gone into details about it, the company claims nearly all chrome cases have been patched.

As per Google, it is an improper enter validation bug further described as “inadequate validation of untrusted enter in intents.” Since zero-day exploits are common, Google isn’t saying much about the susceptibility. Although what we do know is that along with CVE-2022-2856, Google masked a total of 11 vulnerabilities.

What is a zero-day exploit?

Chrome Users Should Immediately Update Google Chrome
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For those who don’t know, “zero-day” refers to newly discovered security vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit to attack systems. “zero-day” refers to the fact that the vendor or developer only recently found the flaw, implying that they have “zero days” to fix it.

A zero-day attack occurs when hackers exploit a flaw before developers have time to fix it. A zero-day exploit is a method used by hackers to attack systems with a previously unknown vulnerability.

What did Google say about the vulnerability?

As one of the major browsers available in the market, Google is obligated to troubleshoot such threats very quickly. As per reports, Google addressed the issue and patched the vulnerabilities real quick. However, The-high severity bug tracked as CVE 2022-2294 is an overflow weakness.

What could have gone wrong?

According to databases, zero-day attacks have almost doubled since 2020. Users could fall in some real danger as their data can be severely compromised. Although companies are trying their best to identify and tackle these vulnerabilities, it’s best to take some countermeasures.

What can you do?

Although you have a limited number of options, you could still take measures to secure your data via such attacks. You should always use strong passwords and opt for two-factor authentication. Another idea is to use a password manager. What are your thoughts on this? Comment down below.

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