Chrome Beats Internet Explorer As The Most Popular Browser


Chrome most popular browserShort Bytes: Last month in April 2016, Google Chrome beat internet explorer as the most popular browser over the internet.  Google Chrome just walked ahead of IE by 41.66% vs 41.35%. While Edge, the most talked about new browser of Windows 10, is not even mentioned on the list.

According to the data reported on Net MarketShare, a website which reports and shares statistics for the internet technologies, in April 2016, Google Chrome beats Internet explorer as the most popular browser in the internet world.

If we take a look at the past data, in May 2014, Internet explorer was much ahead of Google Chrome. Internet explorer usage was around 58% while back in May 2014, Google Chrome usage was just around 18%. Gradually over the time, Google Chrome kept on growing more popular than the internet explorer. And in April 2016, Google Chrome just overtook internet explorer with 41.66% vs 41.35%.

This could be another reason why Microsoft introduced the personal assistant feature of Cortana in Windows 10 and recently they restricted Google search on Cortana.

The data stated on the Net Marketshare website is from around 40,000 websites for the month of April. If you take a close look at the chart below, Microsoft Edge is not even mentioned in the list:

chrome beats internet explorer

To beat Google Chrome, Microsoft had launched Edge but unfortunately, the Edge browser was not liked by the most of the Windows 10 users because of poor experience and unavailability of basic features like extensions.

However, with the Windows 10 update coming later this year (Microsoft Build 2016) will make Edge a much better offering which could impact Chrome’s growth.

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