Google Removes ‘Lite Mode’ Data Saver From Chrome For Android

Because everyone has abundant data now.

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Gone are the days when everyone had a limited data plan and needed to save every bit of data they could. Now, Google thinks everyone has enough data to get through their lives. Hence, after almost eight years, Google is removing the “Lite Mode” data saver from Chrome for Android.

As 9to5Google spotted, Chrome’s “Lite mode” will disappear on Android after a Chrome version M100 update in late March. Lite mode first came out in 2014, and Google called it “Data Saver” at launch.

When this feature launched initially, everyone had a low data limit and risked extra charges if they crossed the limit. Hence, data saver was a blessing to most users as Google even added the option to block images on websites.

Fast forward to the present, most users worldwide have unlimited data plans and don’t need to save data from websites. Likewise, Google doesn’t feel the need to have a data saver feature and claims that it can save enough data in default settings.

“In recent years, we’ve seen a decrease in cost for mobile data in many countries, and we’ve shipped many improvements to Chrome to minimize data usage further and improve web page loading,” says Google’s help page. “Although Lite mode is going away, we remain committed to ensuring Chrome can deliver a fast webpage loading experience on mobile.”

Chrome’s Lite Mode data saver on Android won’t exist until 29th March 2022, and users won’t be able to use it afterward.

Siddharth Dudeja

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