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A new commit on Chromium’s Gerrit source code management suggests that Google Chrome for Android will soon add a Safari-like navigation gesture to its platform.

Just like the iOS browser, Android users will be able to quickly navigate forward or backward through history, by “overscrolling” to the right and left respectively.

According to a Chrome developer’s comment, the new gestures are set to align with present navigation gesture features on the Chrome OS. Presently, Chrome for Android features a vertical pull-to-refresh gesture which 9to5Google says is being used as the basis for these new horizontal gestures.

For now, the feature is a work in progress, even for the Chrome Canary Android app. In other words, it might take weeks to land it on the stable Google Chrome version.

Before arriving for the public, the Chrome feature will be launched in the “Enable Flag” column. So those who want to enable it in the future can take the following steps:

Copy “chrome://flags/#enable-gesture-navigation” to the Chrome Omnibox and Press Enter.

Chrome for Android is one of the Google Suite apps that come pre-installed on all Android phones. It would be interesting to see how the new feature would work on the lower end Android phones, specifically the Android Go phones that come with 512 GB or 1 GB RAM only.

Meanwhile, there is another Chrome source code commit, which indicates that the Google Clean Up tool will soon feature “Remove Force-Installed Extensions.”

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