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Google is working on massive new Chrome updates for Apple MacBooks intended to reduce the browser’s impact on macOS battery life and performance.

According to Max Christoff, director of Chrome browser engineering, Google plans to achieve the feat by improving tab throttling, i.e., stripping off resources from inactive tabs. In future Chrome for macOS updates, Google would be better at understanding the unused tabs and throttle their resource drain accordingly.

One approach could be throttling JavaScript timers and trackers in inactive tabs, which Google is already experimenting within Chrome 86 preview builds. Reportedly, this will save users at least two hours of battery life, a paradise for Mac users annoyed with Chome’s everlasting battery consumption.

Whatever the approach may be, Christoff says this will have a “dramatic impact on battery life and performance.” Apart from this, Google is also working on a Chrome feature that will “allow the most performance-critical parts of the software to run even faster.” In May, Google also promised to block resource-heavy ads putting a load on the CPU and “drain battery life, starting in August.

Google Chrome has a history of putting a toll on Macbook’s performance and battery life. I have a Macbook Air 2016 edition and get about three hours of battery life while using Chrome. A Chrome update that promises to reduce the browser’s impact on my mac battery would certainly make me like Chrome.

SOURCEWall Street Journal
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