Chris Evans Misses His iPhone 6 Home Button; Says iPhone 12 Is ‘Too Heavy’

Chris uses his pinky finger to support the iPhone.

Chris Evans Misses His iPhone 6 Home Button; Says iPhone 12 Is 'Too Heavy'
Image: Wallpaper Access

Chris Evans recently bid farewell to his age-old iPhone 6S. However, it seems like the actor couldn’t let go of the sentiments attached to it. In an interview, Chris said he still misses his iPhone 6s as his new iPhone 12 Pro “is too heavy.”

This beg the question, Is Captain America not strong enough to lift an iPhone? However, Chris’s answer to the satirical question might surprise you. Furthermore, Chris even complained about Apple removing the home button.

iPhone 12 Pro is too heavy for Chris Evans?

Chris Evans Misses His iPhone 6 Home Button; Says iPhone 12 Is 'Too Heavy'
Image: Wallpaper Access

Even after spending a few weeks with his latest iPhone 12 pro, Chris Evans still misses his iPhone 6S. The topic came up in an interview with Collider on a press tour for; The Gray Man, a $200 million+ spy film on Netflix, co-starring Ryan Gosling.

Chris’ biggest gripe with the new iPhone 12 Pro is that “it’s too heavy.” When the interviewer jokingly questioned Captain America’s strength, Chris replied that the older form factor worked better for him.

The iPhone 12 Pro is 146.7 mm tall, 71.5 mm wide, and weighs around 189 grams. It is an entirely different and modern form factor from the iPhone 6S from 2014. Nevertheless, it gives us an idea of where Chris is coming from and how it would take a while before getting used to the newer, heavier form factor.

Although his new iPhone 12 Pro comes with a slew of features, he still misses the home button. However, when advised to get an iPhone SE, he still wanted to continue using the 6S. “I want something from before to work until it doesn’t work anymore,” he said.

Can you buy an iPhone with a home button today?

It doesn’t look like Apple is bringing back the home button anytime soon. However, if you need a smaller form factor with the home button and Touch ID, you can still pick up an iPhone SE 2022. The iPhone SE is the only iPhone that Apple currently sells with a home button.

The device comes with a 4.7-inch display and Apple’s A15 Bionic chipset. Although the design is ancient, it blazes through day-to-day tasks and takes some really great-looking photos.

Where did Chris buy his iPhone 12 Pro from?

It’s still unclear where the actor picked an iPhone 12 Pro, as Apple is making the iPhone 13 now. However, it’s readily available at other retailers and carrier stores. Lastly, Chris’s attachment to his old phone shows us what human nature is about.

We get attached to worldly things that work just fine for us. Similarly, upgrading yearly without any specific need for it is also unnecessary. If it were up to Chris and had he faced no technical difficulties in his iPhone 6S, he might not have upgraded. What are your thoughts on this? Comment down below.

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