Chris Evans Finally Upgrades His iPhone 6S In 2022

The upgrade is going to be phenomenal for Chris!

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Chris Evans Finally Upgrades His iPhone 6S In 2022
Image Credit: Wallpaper Access

It looks like Captain America is still holding onto the things from the past. Although it’s not from 70 years ago, the actor Chris Evans who’s widely known for playing Captain America in the Marvel cinematic universe, held on to his iPhone 6s until 2022. It was about time he was due for an upgrade; he finally did it.

The actor made an Instagram post showcasing his new iPhone, which appears to be a model from the iPhone 12 lineup. Chris clicked a photo of both the models side by side while transferring device data.

Chris Evans paid tribute to his iPhone 6s

Chris Evans Finally Upgrades His iPhone 6S In 2022
Image Credit: Chris Evans

Chris finally bid goodbye to his iPhone 6s in the most dramatic way, and the internet is loving it. In the caption, he paid tribute to his long-lasting companion. The actor said he would miss the infamous home button on the iPhone 6S.

Although Chris wasn’t pleased about the age-old battery performance on the iPhone 6s, he said what he won’t miss is the nightly battles of charging it, the grainy pictures it produced, or sudden drops in the battery percentage.

“We had a good run. I’ll miss your home button.

I won’t miss the nightly battle of trying to get you to charge. Or your grainy pictures. Or your sudden drops from 100% battery to 15%, to completely dead within minutes.

It was a wild ride. Rest easy, pal.”

Needless to say, the internet celebrated the milestone by making hilarious comments on the post. Fans were feeling utmost joy and called it “The end of an era.” Some were even appalled by the fact that a Hollywood superstar held on to such an old device for so long.

Octavia Spencer commented, “OMG! I just gave up my home button last week. Transitioning to the 13 has been easier than I thought. So….. #IFeel YouBuddy”

He even tweeted the same on Twitter:

Lastly, we are all creatures of habit, and holding on to things that provide us with solace and familiarity is human nature. It turns out Hollywood superstar Chris Evans is the same. We wish the heartiest congratulations to Chris on a brand new iPhone.

Are you due for an upgrade? Comment down below.

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