CHIP is the World’s Cheapest Computer and Costs Just $9

Is $35 Raspberry Pi a lot to spend for a PC? Here’s something that might interest you. CHIP is the new miniature $9 PC that has almost the same functions and power as a regular computer. This little powerhouse machine is created by a US start-up Next Thing Co.

Yes, CHIP is a real $9 computer. It houses a 1GHz processor, 4GB onboard storage and 512MB DDR3 RAM. This isn’t enough? Here’s a lot more to this story. CHIP comes with inbuilt Bluetooth to connect the devices and WiFi for network connections.

CHIP is powerful enough to run all kinds of software and runs mainline Linux. Chip comes with a completely integrated battery power circuit so that you don’t need external power. All you have to do is attach a 3.7V battery to CHIP and you are good to go.

“The goal for Chip is to give anyone who wants a $9 computer access to one [and] to make building things with computers as easy and accessible as possible,” said Dave Rauchwerk from Next Thing Co. He added, “It’s really powerful, it’s really tiny, but the other thing that we’re really excited about is that it’s completely open source.”

CHIP comes pre-installed with tons of useful apps, tools and games – VLC, Chrome, LibreOffice, Torrent, CAD and more. Apart from these, you can use thousands of free and open-source applications on CHIP.


Right now, CHIP is a Kickstarter project and you need to visit the website to get this amazing product.

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