Chinese Surveillance Is Using AI To Target Minorities In The Country

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China is known to have been working on its surveillance strategies for a while now, with AI playing a significant role in it. China has developed its facial recognition tech to recognize its population. However, the technology seems to be taking a racial route to recognize minorities in the country specifically.

It is suggested that one of the Turkish Muslim communities – the Uighurs – are being targeted by China’s advanced facial recognition technology to control and monitor the community deemed to be a threat to the country.

The tech (developed by companies such as Yitu, Megvii, SenseTime, and CloudWalkis) can differentiate Uighurs from other people living in the country and keep track of whatever the people belonging to the community do.

Uighurs, among the various minorities such as Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, and others contribute to more than a million population in China, and yet have been prone to such behavior and are often held in detention centers which are described as “transformation through education.”

Such camps cause misery to the Uighurs due to forced labor, deprivation of food and sleep, metal and verbal torture, and more to harm the integrity of the minority.

The racial use of AI questions the use of technology which has a vast spread around the world. While technological advancements are continuing to take place in almost every corner of the world, China (deemed to come up with numerous pieces of tech) seems to be using it to invade and mistreat the minorities living in the country.

To recall, it was recently reported that China was using Gait Technology to detect people based on the way they walk.

The use of AI by China not only tends to intrude on an individual’s privacy but also his or her honor.

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