This Electric Car From China Is A Tesla Model X Replica With 400 Mile Range

Electric Car China HiPhi 1 features

Tesla Model X Electric car has some serious upcoming competition from the Chinese company Human Horizon (HH) which just unveiled HiPhi 1; an electric SUV with a 400-mile range.

HiPhi 1 is the first electric car from the company which was recently unveiled in Shanghai, China. The HiPhi 1 features a long-range battery, a Tesla Model X-inspired futuristic design and a lot of screens. Here’s a look at the latest electric car from China and what it brings to the table.

Electric Car From China HiPhi 1 Specs

Electric Car China HiPhi 1 Details

HiPhi 1 is an electric SUV made by a company known as Human Horizon. This Chinese company is researching a lot of things related to future automotive technology, which we will take a look at in a minute. But first, let’s take a look at the HiPhi 1 electric SUV.

The HiPhi 1 is powered by an electric motor capable of churning out 268HP combined with a massive battery pack with a range of 400 miles. The 643 km or 400-mile range is what the Human Horizon company claims and has not been tested yet by any authority like the EPA.

HiPhi 1 Design

Electric Car China HiPhi 1 price

The HiPhi 1 also has some ridiculous features like 9 touch screen displays offering a combined viewable screen area of 50 inches. The Chinese electric car also features 5G connectivity, Level 3 autonomy, and a total of 562 sensors. All this means that the car is capable of complete self-driving during certain already known parts of the journey. For example, if you travel from home to your office every day, then the HiPhi 1 can drive itself, or at least that’s what the company claims.

The headlights of the HiPhi 1 are totally bonkers as well. The front headlamps can project symbols from a massive barrage of LED lamps. Don’t know what its uses will be but I’ll take it.

The overall design of the HiPhi 1 looks like a futuristic Tesla Model X. HiPhi 1 even has gullwing doors similar to the Model X. The overall design of the HiPhi 1 is edgier compared to Model X which is more fluid. The sharp lines contoured around the front bumper and body panels of the HiPhi 1 highlights its aggressive nature.

HiPhi 1 also has electronically operated doors that open up automatically whenever the owner approaches the car. The car takes the vehicle-human relationship to a whole new level by something called Human Oriented Architecture or HOA for short.

The function of HOA is to understand the driving habits of human passengers. HiPhi 1 will automatically learn and adapt accordingly to make the car more in sync with its human owner. Beyond these features, the HiPhi 1 has a low center of gravity due to the heavy battery pack placed under the car.

HiPhi 1 Electric Car Price

The price of the HiPhi 1 is yet to be announced officially, but there’s a good chance that it’ll land somewhere in the $75,000 range targetting the Tesla Model X.

Human Horizon Company Future Transportation Projects

Electric Car China HiPhi 1 Launch

The Chinese company Human Horizon has a well laid out plan for the future of transportation. According to its website, the company is working on developing a 4-wheel motor capable of controlling all the wheels of a car and an H.U.A. concept.

The concept of a 4-wheel controlled electric motor is pretty self-explanatory. It simply means that the user will be able to turn all the wheels of the electric car. It is pretty useful in parking or taking a u-turn in tight spaces or pretty much driving in traffic in general.

The H.U.A. concept is divided into three parts. The H concept refers to futuristic vehicle development, the U part is all about improving urban mobility and A refers to the ‘interconnection sharing’

In simple words, the H.U.A. concept is dedicated to making future electric cars that drive and interact with their environment in a seamless way, ultimately making the transportation of the future a safer and interconnected affair.

Some of the totally bonkers things that the company plans to do include having an unmanned drone scan the area ahead of the car for better self-driving capability.

HH HiPhi 1 Vs Tesla Model X Specs Comparison

Here are the specs of the HH HiPhi 1 and Tesla Model X long range:

HH HiPhi 1 Tesla Model X (Long Range)
HorsePower 268 259
Battery Range 400 (Claimed) 325 (EPA Rated)
Seats 6 7
0-60 mph Time 3.9 seconds 4.4 seconds
Safety Rating not yet tested 5-star

What do you guys think? Can HH Hyphi 1 challenge a Tesla Model X?

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