China Is Using AI To Build A 3D Printed Dam!

China plans to build a 3D dam with AI and no human intervention!

China Is Using AI To Build A 3D Printed Dam!
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China is building a dam on the Yellow river to meet the electrical demands of the Henan province. The engineers will use AI and 3D printing technology to execute the Yangqu Hydropower (proposed name) project. All the construction processes of the China AI Dam could be completely unmanned and may need only minor supervision.

China aims to complete the China AI Dam project within two years. Once finished, the dam will generate 5 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity every year.

What will it take to complete th China AI Dam project?

China uses coal as the primary source of producing electricity. Hydroelectricity is the next best source for meeting the never-ending demand. China is trying to reduce its dependence on coal-based electricity production plants. The Yangqu Hydropower Plant project will be a lifesaver to the Henan province and strengthen the hydroelectricity industry in China.

China plans to use AI and 3D printing to build all the parts of the dam. Then, the parts will be assembled without requiring manual labor to lift and position the dam. Even the excavators and bulldozers will be driven by AI to finish the project at the earliest.

China AI Dam
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Building a 180 meters high structure on a water body is no easy feat. That too with AI. Now, China intends to do all that using AI and 3D printing. The country is one of the biggest promoters of 3D printing and built a hospital using the technique a few years back. The only problem is the extent of AI usage in the project. Without experienced architects and engineers, the viability of the dam would be a big concern.

As per reports by SCMP, the extent to which the construction would rely on AI is still unconfirmed. Still, advancements in AI and 3D printing could make the project possible. Once the dam is ready, it will light up households of more than 50 million people.

China holds the record for building the largest dam in the world and maybe they can accomplish this feat too. Would you trust AI to build a dam? Will it last long? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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