Chinese Military Plans New Windows Replacement OS To Prevent US Hacking

China Millitary Custom OS US Hacking

Amid the US-China controversy and the consequential ban on Huawei, the Chinese government is planning to build a new operating system. The news was first reported by The Epoch Times (via ZDNet), citing the Canadian military magazine Kanwa Asian Defense as the source.

As per the magazine’s report on May 11, the new OS is being developed to be used by the Chinese military, which currently relies on Microsoft’s Windows OS.

It’s being said that China has no trust in Windows, Linux, or even UNIX for that matter. Thanks to all the data dumped by Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks in the past, the world knows the extent of US surveillance. Back then, it was revealed that they could hack anything that could be hacked.

A new custom OS is being created to minimize the effect of foreign threats — primarily the US — on the operations of the Chinese military. However, until now, there has been no official statement from the Chinese government on this matter.

The development of the Windows replacement OS will be carried out by a newly formed entity, says the magazine. It’s called the Internet Security Information Leadership Group, which will work directly under the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

This is similar to how the United States Cyber Command is operating in the US. It is part of the US Department of Defense but operates separately from other defense bodies and intelligence agencies.

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