China Lifts Gaming Console Ban After 15 Years

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Short Bytes: In a welcome news, China is lifting its ban on the sales of video games consoles after 15 years. This gaming console ban was imposed long back in the year 2000 when China was concerned that children would waste time playing games. This lifting of the gaming consoles ban is being seen as a move to promote this new manufacturing industrial zone in Shanghai.

Now Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will be having the permission to manufacture gaming consoles in China and sell them without any restriction. According to a statement from China’s Ministry of Culture, these gaming console manufacturers must comply with the strict regulations. This gaming console ban has been lifted with the warning that these devices must not promote anything to “harm national unity…[or] violate public morality.”

Gaming isn’t something alien to China. Online games and mobile gaming are a part of modern China and the Chinese government is infamous for its brutal internet de-addiction centers for teens. But, giants like Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft never succeeded in capitalizing the market due to the gaming console ban in 2000.

With this change in the gaming console ban law, now Xbox, PlayStation, and Wii can access the Chinese market and come up with new strategies to “spoil” the Chinese teens. CNNMoney writes that earlier, gaming consoles were only made in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone.

Sony spokesperson said:

We welcome the move. We remain committed to deliver fun and exciting console gaming experiences to as many Chinese users as possible.

Last year, in 2014, there were hot rumors that China was looking to relax some regulations. Now, this new move of the Chinese government is being seen as something at an accurate time as China’s gaming market is expected to witness a growth of 22 percent in 2015.

Do you welcome this decision to lift the gaming console ban in China? Tell us in comments.

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