China Launches “Hack-Proof Quantum Satellite” To Transfer Secure Data

china quantum satellite

china quantum satelliteShort Bytes: China has launched a new satellite which would be used for Quantum Key Distribution between the space and Earth using laser beams thrown at the ground stations. In the experimental phase, the project would be confined to China and Europe.

China recently came up with the futuristic straddle bus which gained the attention of shutterbugs around the globe. Another development from the Asian country is the launch of a new satellite which could achieve Quantum Communications between the earth and space.

The world’s first Quantum Communications Satellite is named Mozi after a Chinese scientist from the past. The Quantum Space Satellite launch took place at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center by using Chang Zheng-2D launch vehicle at 17:40 UTC, Monday. It includes a laser emitter to transmit data to ground stations, a device to communicate quantum and some other stuff related to Quantum Entanglement.

The 500-kilogram satellite–run by the China Academy of Sciences–has been materialized for the purpose of exchange of Quantum keys across ground stations situated in Europe and China. This will eventually create a quantum communication network across the globe.

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The Quantum Key Distribution is a quantum mechanics application that involves an exchange of private keys between two parties which are then used to encrypt and decrypt information enabling secure communication across the network.

The creation of a Quantum wide area network would be accomplished using a satellite repeater, two ground stations, and their ground fiber-based local quantum key distribution networks. The experimental phase also involves testing of Quantum Entanglement.

A similar fiber-based Quantum-encrypted key distribution infrastructure exists on the ground. The cables run between China, Europe, and the US.

The idea of this project was originally proposed to European Space Agency in 2001 by Physicist Anton Zeilinger–who is also working on Chinese Quantum Space Satellite project–from University of Vienna. The project was put in the trash due to unavailability of funds.

— Via NASA SpaceFlight

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