Sick Hacker Uses Twitter Account Of Chester Bennington’s Grieving Wife To Post Disgusting Tweets

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Short Bytes: After the death of Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington, a hacker apparently targeted his grieving widow’s Twitter account. The hacker posted 6 disgusting tweets, which have since been deleted. “He didn’t kill himself, he was already dead before he hung himself, I have proof,” one tweet read.

Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington hanged himself at his private residence in L.A. County on Thursday just before 9 am. The singer has struggled with alcohol and drugs for a long time. In the past, he had said that he had considered committing suicide due to child abuse.

Hours after his tragic suicide, Chester’s wife Talinda’s Twitter was allegedly hacked. On Thursday night, the hacker reportedly posted 6 vile tweets, which have since been deleted.

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The followers of Talinda called the hacker sick and pleaded that the account should be shut down. “Who in their sick mind would hack a wife/mother who just lost the love of their life,” a follower wrote.

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“He didn’t kill himself, he was already dead before he hung himself, I have proof,” one tweet read. “We all move on fast I’m glad he killed himself.”

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That’s not all. The tweets also claimed that she was cheating with Chester’s bandmate Mike Shinoda. “I guess this is the time to say it but I have been cheating on Chester with Mike Shinoda,” the tweet read.

Since the tweets were deleted soon, people are figuring out that it may be the case of hacking. “This is not the moment, whoever is there behind the screen. Stop hacking. That’s morbid. Have some respect,” a follower wrote.

This is not the first time Talinda faced violation of privacy. In 2007, a woman named Devon Townsend pleaded guilty to targeting the couple via government computers.

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